Allen and Roth Closet Accessories


Allen and Roth closet – Consider and try some of these methods to find which is right. Not every one of these will work for every lifestyle or closet lock up. Have fun with it, as it will contribute to the room’s overall feel. Perhaps the easiest method to keeping bags straight is the handbag hanger hook.

They can be mounted anywhere within the Allen and Roth closet from open walls to the back of the door. Some even choose to mount handbag hanger hooks on their bedroom walls near the closet in order to more easily see them out in the open, and determine if they match their outfit better. For those lucky enough to have a walk in closet, there is usually plenty of room for handbag hanger hooks. For those with smaller options the following methods may be better.

Shelving, shelving within an Allen and Roth closet is awesome as the bags can be displayed clearly for choosing. However, some shelves are up high and make grabbing a bag a bit difficult. One trend that many are using is putting bags in pretty boxes to hide, making the overall look of the closet less cluttered. Just like the above method with handbag hanger hooks, one can install shelving in their bedroom to display their brand name bags. Many prefer this as these bags are more of an investment than other accessories.


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