Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets Painted


Annie Sloan kitchen cabinets I’ve painted so far – see here, here, here and here – but none of this has not yet found its place in our house. Hanger expected to be ready next house – there will place him white mirror frames respectively are selling pink table etc. The first piece of furniture immediately moved into a house – in my parental home – is this wonderful locker:

I really like how it came out, I thought I initially imagined it differently! He found his place in the living room-kitchen, where his mother had long since said that would require Annie Sloan kitchen cabinets, a chest of drawers, anything! Instead of this locker was a coffee table that there was ever placed a cup of coffee. :))

Winter was always full of flower pots and summer when flowers were outside on the terrace. And then, as I need more storage space for pots, I said a cabinet would be the solution to it we can easily put as many flower pots and we have also the storage in those pots, not a table that occupies a lot of place and not a big deal! We wanted to order a chest of PAL, the same material and the same color as the kitchen furniture, but we remembered these sad Annie Sloan kitchen cabinets, which lay for years in our cellar in Austria. I knew I had potential and decided to bring in Austria in Romania, and paint it! They are crazy, right?

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