Build a Tarva 6 Drawer Dresser Made Of Cardboard


Tarva 6 drawer dresser – Shoeboxes doing surprisingly robust dresser drawers for a storage device that is best suited for lightweight objects. This cardboard chest of drawers can be used for holiday ornaments that require organized storage is not stressed by everyday use. Dresser can also useing in a child’s playhouse for doll clothes. Since cutting board requires only a couple of sharp scissors, requires no special bureau Woodworking equipment or skills.

Instructions to build a tarva 6 drawer dresser made of cardboard: Sack six shoeboxes superimposed. Measure the height of the boxes stacked. Measure the width of the boxes. Cut large cardboard box apart. From cardboard, creating 4 large flat sheets. Cut a cardboard sheet for measuring the height stacked shoeboxes plus 2 inches. Cut two sheets to measure the width of the boxes plus 1 inch. Tape single cardboard together to create dresser frame with masking tape. Attach longs strips of masking tape on the inside and outside the bureau on all seams for reinforcement. Seats stacked shoeboxes with lids on within dresser frame and mark the top edges boxes inside the frame sides with pencil.

SLayer tray supports inside edges of the frame with 1-inch wide sections of shoebox lids on the marked spots. Attach helps with masking tape at the top and bottom of the support so that the support to securely extend at right angles to the retaining wall. Cut wood cardboard strips measuring 4 inches by 2 inches for drawer pulls from leftover shoebox lids. Attach pulls ahead shoebox drawers with masking tape. Repainting the suits and shoebox drawer fronts color with poster paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly overnight. Sets tarva 6 drawer dresser made of cardboard.


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