Build a Bear Closet DIY


Build a bear closet – Part of the fun of having a teddy bear is to dress her in clothes that suit all occasions. Whether you are shopping at a build a bear workshop store, or simply want to collect clothes and accessories for your own special, start building a wardrobe of basics, much like our own closets. From there, you will discover the best places to expand your collection.

Determining the gender of your bear. When shopping for clothes and accessories, you will find some are only suitable for a male or female bear. Then, follow a theme. If your theme is seasonal, you may be interest in skating or Santa outfit in the winter or a beach or watch patriotic summer. Other themes include signs, universities, military, sports, wedding and Disney. Although the build a bear closet coated Friends varies 13-18 inches, fits many of the clothes most animals.

Accessories your first outfit. If shopping at build a bear closet, you can choose underwear, shoes, outerwear, headwear, handbags and sunglasses. Accessories for a special outfit might appear nearby, but they can also be found throughout the store. Remember to include the basics. If your bear is still a child, do not forget diapers, booties and bonnet. Building outfits for other seasons. Chances are, you want to show your bear into something suitable for the weather and time of year.


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