Care for Butcher Block Table Tops


Butcher block table tops – While the butcher block design is ideal for cooking, its naturally porous wood tend to absorb fluids and juices from the food. Immediate and thorough cleaning, especially after cutting raw meat is essential to sustain life for countertop health and your family. This article provides general instructions for proper care of any wood butcher block table tops surface

Care for butcher block table tops, Wash countertop with mild soap and water. Regular liquid dishwashing detergent works well. Use a clean sponge or dishcloth. Dry tree well with a soft cloth. Kill the bacteria that often left raw meat, with bleach. Add a tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of warm water. Remove tough stains from the butcher block table tops by pouring lemon juice on the surface and let it soak for several seconds.

Preserve unvarnished kitchen countertops with non-toxic oil treatments on a weekly basis or when you discover the tree dry or faded colors. Coat the counter with oil, let it sit for five minutes and then wipe off residue with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Wait 12 hours before you use the counter. Cleanliness varnished butcher block table tops where food is not usually prepared with water and mild soap. Wipe dry with a soft towel. Lacquered tops do not need oil treatments.


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