Convert To a Laptop Standing Desk


Laptop Standing Desk – Being sedentary (sitting) for hours can have many negative effects, according to studies by the American. If you spend many hours at the office – or computer job, sitting at a desk no longer seem such a good idea. Laptop standing desk requires more energy and at burns more calories and movement to create a more healthy environment for the body than sitting for hours.

Instructions convert to a laptop standing desk with wear the most comfortable shoes you can find, such as running shoes. Go up to the desk standing and adjust your computer monitor is at eye level. Place a phone book or other strong support for monitor if you need to raise it higher or customize the desktop monitor shelf if it has one. If you use a laptop on the desk, put the laptop so the screen is close to eye level. Tilt it back a bit if needed for optimal viewing.

Shift your weight from one foot to another, often during work to prevent leg and foot fatigue. The rest one foot on a stool or chair is sometimes called, or leaning slightly toward the desk from time to time. Change your position every now and then to reduce potential foot fatigue or discomfort.


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