Creative and Classy Tabletop Wine Rack


Tabletop wine rack – wine should be stored at correct angle to breathing. A properly constructed wine rack holding bottles horizontally. Homeowners with some woodworking or furniture-building experience can use their knowledge to build their own wine racks. With right materials and design, you can create a wine rack that is as high quality as an expensive store-bought model.

Stronger hardwood is less likely to crack or split, and close-grained wood is easier to finish. Any furniture-grade hardwood should work well for a tabletop wine rack, if design is right. Cherries are heavy, but strong, and when a deep red color, when it is polished. White maple is a light yellow or gold color when you finish, and a wine rack crafted from it will hold up to generations of use. Choose special pattern-grained woods, like Fiddle back or quilted maple, for a one-of-a-kind wine rack.

Determine where your tabletop wine rack will go before you choose a design. Building a robust and handsome wine rack for a tabletop require different types of wood, tools and overall design than a freestanding or wall-mounted unit, according to I Love India. If space is tight, consider building an exceptional over-the-door wine rack that holds bottles in a pantry or kitchen cabinet door. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, which can destroy your wine collection, anchor a freestanding wine rack to a nearby wall or floor.


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