Decorate a Chest of Magnussen Dresser in Raw Wood


Magnussen dresser – First, to give away to this project must follow a certain practical. First of all you will need to sand carefully our dresser in raw wood, using sandpaper of suitable grain. After sanding the entire surface we must proceed through a hand -polished base. Afterwards we lay apply two hands of decorative paint for furniture of color that we like. Clearly that it matches well with the other furnishings that are in the same environment. We dilute the paint with a little ‘of water, then let it dry completely.

At this point, let us serve the scouring pad 00 with which we will lightly sanding edges. And corners to give it a worn effect and lived. Just only a hint to give a very realistic effect. Now we need to apply two coats of paint to water protection. Let it dry again before continuing. Meanwhile we can cut our floral decoration from the printed page. (Or any other decoration is of our liking). And ammorbidiamoli with label water before gluing on the magnussen dresser surface.

Finally, we dry our floral decorations. Previously cut, moistened and, using the special glue to apply them we lay at the center of our chest that will have already begun to take the desired shape. So we create a beautiful and imaginative floral decoration that fits perfectly to our environment. To top it off, we have to pass a hand flatting which has the effect protective wax. We use a brush and we extend our flatting on the entire surface of our dresser then. We wait long enough for even this hand you will be completely dried and behold our magnussen dresser is finally ready to use.


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