Distinctive Industrial Dresser Style


Industrial dresser – Although in current era it is not common to use a sideboard attached to dining set. It is still a very useful piece of furniture. This is why it can be findĀ in kitchens dining in country style. Also called country, or in traditional style such as a Louis XIV, XV or XVI that of course are much more expensive than previous ones.

Dresser is a piece of furniture that also serves to store table linen, cutlery, crockery, etc. And that is usually located in kitchen. Or in pantry or dining room. It consists of dresser proper which is a part with shelves. And doors that rests on table of industrial dresser. However, at present, we are trying to recover this piece of furniture by turning it into lighter furniture. With a size that is more appropriate to dimensions of current environment. As well as choice of colors and materials of manufacture more attractive.

Moreover, etymology of industrial dresser goes back to Latin. It comes from apparator, apparatoris. This noun is formed by prefix ad- which means direction. Approximation; verb paro, paras, parare, paravi, paratum that means to arrange. To prepare more in Spanish suffix -dor from Latin suffix -tor with concept of agent.


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