DIY Standing Desk Ideas


DIY Standing Desk Ideas – Standing desks are a way to change up working by adding periods of standing to the mix. Standing at working can help to focus, improving blood flow and metabolism. By adding a podium to a standing desk, you can switch from sitting to standing all day.

The first to build DIY standing desk is Form two planks of 40 – inch two – by – four hours and two planks of 20 – inch 2-by – four hours in a rectangle frame, to the ends of the 20 – inch planks on the inside of the 40 – inch planks make the corners. Put four planks of the 20 – inch 2-by – two hours over the frame and push them down so they are flush with the lower edge of the frame. Place a 24th – By – 48 – inch desktop wrong side up on a work surface. Center the frame over the top, with the bottom edge flush with the underside of the table top.

Keep a sticky note in his hand. Sit down at your DIY standing desk, your back straight and arms extended over your desktop as they would on your keyboard. Cut four legs from 2 -by- four hours minus one inch. Clamp both legs up and down on the side of the frame attached to the underside of the table top. Fixing the legs to the frame with four 2:05 a.m. / 8-inch lag bolts bored through the legs into the side of the frame. Remove the clips. Turn on your desktop back over so that it stands on legs. Seal the desktop of your chosen wood finish, and then place it in your workplace.


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