Do it Yourself IKEA Hack Standing Desk


IKEA hack standing desk are a new trend created and highlighted by health-care workers. Standing while working allows you to be more aware of what you are doing, work harder and burn more calories in the process. Because the idea of standing desks is such a new concept that desks are fairly expensive and have limited availability. To save some money, create your own customized standing desk for use at home or at work.

For instructions do it yourself IKEA hack standing desk is: Select a plywood section, measuring 1/2-inch 39-inches high and 25 inches long. Measure every 10 inches along the 39-inch side to the left. Attach an L-bracket on each 10-inch location of the four L-bracket along the edge.

But IKEA hack standing desk with set the 39-inch high by 30-inch wide sheets of plywood on a flat surface. Line 39-inch edge of the 39-inch high by 29 inches wide to the left edge of the section 39 x 25 inches, which has L-bracket on the left side. Drive one screw through each L bracket to create an L-shaped structure. Place two L-shaped brackets along the edges of each side in a U-shaped structure. Place each L-shaped bracket 6-inches from each corner.


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