Elegant Mirrored Wardrobe: How to Save It?


Mirrored wardrobe – Having a mirror in our room is fundamental. Because in no other way would we verify that that skirt suits blouse, or that shoes match our purse. Simplest thing to save money and space is bet on closets that has a mirror. Or get one separately and place it in closet in our bedroom. We have some ideas to help you when choosing your wardrobe with mirror. Take note, because it will be a more decorative element for your room. A decoration, in addition, very practical.

Put yourself in mirrored wardrobe. It is not easy to find a nice wardrobe with a nice mirror, if we look for both together … because, if we think about it, it is easier to find furniture of our dreams and place a mirror in it. And it can become very cheap. We will measure size of cabinet door, place mirror on door by marking four corners of mirror in cabinet, we will make a hole for each of corners and put in each one an anchor for plaster, with help of a hammer .

We will use screws to put fasteners of bottom and we will place mirror in fasteners tightening them strongly with aid of a screwdriver. A mirror on every door: A good idea is to place two mirrors in total, one on each closet door; because it will appear that it will be saving space in our room. More mirrored wardrobe you place, bigger your bedroom will look.

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