Fancy Pool Cue Rack


Pool cue rack – If you have a pool table, then will help keep a pool cue rack your room neat and organized. Pool cue racks hold cue sticks in a vertical position. Some people lean against wall, but they can twist or fall on floor and be damaged. Save your pool cue rack will prevent this. Depending on your budget, there is a pool cue rack that fits one’s wallet. Simple wall racks come in two smaller pieces. Top part holds tip of pool cue in place, while bottom of cue in recess on lower container rests. Documents for this pool cue rack simply screw into wall.

These are a fancier version for wall rack. These have, instead of two separate pieces of wood, wood on all four sides. They are like a rectangular box made of wood. This pool cue rack to attach to wall for a nice store. You can choose from different styles and wood finishes. Some racks wall holds only pool signals while others signals, pool balls and accessories in drawers and shelves hold.

In-Wall pool cue rack, this pool cue rack fits into a recessed area in wall. They will not stick out and take up space because they are built flush with wall. Such as fancy as you want to or you can spend as much as your budget allows. Some in wall cue racks only hit pool signals, but others also have drawers or shelves for storing balls, triangle, chalk and other items needed for a game of pool.


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