Heated Towel Rack Ideas


Heated towel rack – When they come out of a bath or shower, nobody likes to be greeted by a wet or cold towel. Building your own towel warmer is an inventive way to avoid chills after a dip in a pool or bathtub. This home heater towels is a useful tool for swimmers, swim instructors and anyone who spends much of the day on the water.

How to heated towel rack, slice of a hole in a Styrofoam cooler. The hole should be wide enough in diameter to accommodate the power cord of a heating pad. Above this hole, cut another hole that is big enough to fit the control panel heating resistor. Cover the bottom of the refrigerator with aluminum foil. Tape the edges of the sheet on either side of the refrigerator to keep it in place. Also cover the interiors of the two holes to cut the foil.

Put the heating pad on the bottom of the refrigerator on top of the layer of aluminum foil. Pass the cable heating pad through the hole cut for this purpose. Place the control panel in the other hole. Choose the heated towel rack would like heat and place on top of the heating pad. Close the lid of the cooler to keep the heat inside. Plug the heating pad. Select the setting you want to use to heat your towel. When you leave your bathroom, you will have a fresh warm towel waiting for you.


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