How Old Refinish Flat File Cabinet


Flat file cabinet – Wooden flat file cabinet are increasingly becoming a thing of the past as we move toward a paperless society. Flat files, which are ideal for storing art and flat with wide and shallow drawers, still have a purpose in some places, and many of them are constructed from beautiful hardwoods. You will need to remove the brass card holders and handles before applying wood furniture separator. Not only the separator damaging them further, but they need special treatment refinishing all their own.

Remove the drawers. Tip up on the front of the drawer and pull forward to avoid the wooden drawer stops to completely remove.  Apply a generous layer of paint stripper to all painted or stained in the closet and drawers surfaces. Let the remover work for the time stamp to soften the old finish recommended. Scrape the finish and stripper closet and drawers with a thin spatula, scraping the separator used in a metal container with a lid for disposal. Rinse the surface with a soft cloth dampened with odorless mineral spirits. Allow the flat file cabinet to dry. Examine the guides of the drawers in each opening, realign and nailed back in place when necessary with brads finish.

Sand the entire flat file cabinet and every drawer by hand with sandpaper grain 150, working in the direction of the grain. Rub the surface with a tack cloth to remove dust. Apply two coats of stain and finish all-in-one with a soft bristle brush, working with the grain in long, straight lines. Spread the finish line as evenly as possible to prevent runs and drips. Allow the label recommended drying time between coats for best results. Polish card holders and handles with metal polish paste and a soft cloth. Reinstall the hardware with the original screws. Replace the drawers in the closet.


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