How Redo Melamine European Kitchen Cabinets


European Kitchen Cabinets – We must clean the cabinets well. Use a damp cloth with soap and water first and finish with trisodium phosphate (TSP). Follow the manufacturer TSP because the substance is highly toxic degreaser. Latex gloves when using teaspoon to time to dry clean cabinets. Remove the cabinet doors to remove the screws from the hardware. Remove the door fittings. If you plan to paint the doors and not only the rest of the cabinets, then move the outside doors or a well-ventilated different for the painting process area. If painting the cabinets, make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated. Doors and windows open.

Sand the layer of melamine cabinets with grit 80 sanding helps stick primer. The cabinets with melamine primer. We can use the tools recommended paint tin melamine primer; for example, addresses can recommend a brush or a paint roller. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for priming primer, including directions as to moisture and drying time. Allow the primer to dry. Sand the primer lightly with 220-grit sandpaper Paint over the primer with paint melamine. Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Wait until the paint dries. The last, we just reattach the hardware to the cabinet doors and replace the cabinet doors.

Tips & Warnings

Consider replacing cabinet doors, rather than remake. It is less expensive than replacing the cabinets together. Since the visible area of the cabinets are European style doors, replacing change overall appearance of the cabinets.


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