How resurface kitchen cabinets of craftsman style?


Resurface Kitchen Cabinets – Craftsman style cabinets are known as such because the woodcraft is what shines through. Furniture in this style are free of fussy adornments; often they lack hardware. They stand only by setting simple decorations as raised border. Often, homeowners who are not fans of this style may try to camouflage their cabinets paint on them so they do not attract attention. To restore your furniture to its original splendor craftsman style, repainted in traditional dye, such as oak or walnut.


First, enter paint remover in a clean container with screw cap easy removal. Thick paint remover applies to cabinets with natural bristle brush medium size. Be careful not to apply stripper so that dripping or splashing. Second, leave the stripper sit for 15 minutes or until you can see that the surface of the cabinets peeling and blistering left. Scrape all old finished with a paint scraper straight edge. For difficult areas, gently rub the furniture with a wad of steel wool. Third, wipe the cabinet carefully with a clean rag to remove waste stripping. Switch to a new cloth and moisten well with denatured alcohol. Rub this cloth by all cabinet surfaces will stain.

Forth, Sand the surfaces evenly everywhere with an orbital sander fitted with a sanding disk 120. Rub grain cabinet cabinets with dust cloth to remove dust from sanding. Apply one coat of stain to the fine new cabinets using a clean brush and dry the excess with a clean cloth. Fifth, apply a second coat of stain to deepen the color, if desired. Let the cabinets dry for 24 hours. Spray polyurethane clear finish on all cabinets and allow to dry for 24-48 hours before use.

Tips & Warnings

Work in a ventilated area.

Always be careful when working with caustic chemicals.

Have a leftover paint remover as hazardous chemical guidelines in the area.


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