How to Paint Maple White Kitchen Cabinets


White kitchen cabinets – fine-grained maple and durability makes it a common choice for kitchen cabinets with wooden furniture, but can darken any room. If you want a brighter unused stark white look, you can update the look of soft maple cabinets with old white paint. Painting old white maple cabinets is no different than any other paint light wood. The use of the correct primer will fill the grain of the wood and give a soft cloth for the old white paint.

To paint maple white kitchen cabinets, Place a piece of cloth in your work area. Remove the screws from the cabinet door hinges with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the door aside. Pull the drawers and put them at the door. Place the hardware, pulls, handles and knobs in the bowl to soak. Fill another bowl with warm water and a small amount of cleaner degreaser. Rub the cabinets, doors and drawers using a nylon scrub sponge soaked with the solution. Rub the hardware in the container with an old toothbrush. Rinse under cold water objects and towel dry.

Place a piece of sandpaper to hand an electric sander. Open the primer and mixed with a paint stir stick until no residue on the bottom. Fill a small tray with primer. Rotate the doors and drawers again and add the reverse primer. Arena baited cabinets, doors and drawers slightly by hand. Open the old white paint. Paint the details and corners of white kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers as you did with the primer. Fill a small tray of old paint with white paint. Reinstall the hinge hardware on cabinets and doors.


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