How to Painting Kitchen Cabinets White


Painting kitchen cabinets white – When painting, it is important to choose the right colors and shades. These can be chosen in order to accentuate another color or create one single specific shade by mixing with other colors. Adding color to the white paint is a good way to make a lighter or darker shade create a pastel color. Below will explain you how to paint cabinet with white colors also mix with other shades. Lets read the instructions.

The first think you need to buy white paint and the colors you plan to mix with it. Purchase enough paint for the entire area to be painted so that you only need to mix the paint once. Get an empty bucket for excess paint. Than, pour some white paint on the empty bucket, so there will be room to add paint to the first bucket. Start by adding a small amount of paint color for the bucket of white paint. Mix well with the paint shaker. Continue adding color to paint white paint until you have the desired tone. Paint mixing thoroughly after each addition to having a uniform around the bucket color. That a way to choose mix and match to painting kitchen cabinets white.


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