How to Remodel and Kitchen Cabinet Refacing


Kitchen cabinet refacing – One of the most expensive rooms to remodel is the kitchen. If an update, a substantial way to save money is needed is to resurface the kitchen cabinets. The new hardware and a new coat of paint to dramatically improve the look and style of any wardrobe. With the money you save, you can buy flat or quality appliances and still stay within your budget. Kitchen cabinet refacings is simple, requiring only a few materials and elbow grease.

To remodel and kitchen cabinet refacing, Prepare the space. Remove all cabinets and countertops clean. Cover the ground with plastic sheeting to prevent damage. Also use plastic sheeting to the section of the kitchen from the rest of the house to prevent the spread of dust and fumes. Remove the cabinet drawers and doors of their hinges with a screwdriver and place in a work area free of blowing dust or debris. Clean the cabinets with wood cleaner to remove any food, dirt or oil accumulation.

Of sand all cabinets with grit sandpaper to smooth silicone 100 new paint. Clean all closets with lint-free cloth to remove dust. Apply an oil-based primer or brush wood putty to prepare for painting. Allow the primer to dry, then smooth again with sandpaper or sanding sponge. Get oil-based paint to remodel all to remodel and kitchen cabinet refacing in the shade you want. Replace the closet door and drawers.


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