Ideal Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray


Computer desk with keyboard tray – Create a keyboard tray or container by locating a separate table for the work surface. Place the keyboard on the table and type of there. This leaves plenty of room to place the monitor and keyboard for ergonomic success. Look for a table that has height (crank or electric), so the keyboard can be well placed for each person using the computer. It must elbows close to the body and the wrists and hands should be on a line with the forearms. Wrists and hands should not rest on sharp edges.

Connect a keyboard drawer or tray at the bottom of the desk and have the ability to push the keyboard out of the way when it is not in use. Computer desk with keyboard tray and drawers come in a variety of styles that can include an attached mouse platform, a wrist rest or a combination drawer contains the keyboard, mouse platform and palm rest.

Computer desk with keyboard tray can be found at office supply stores, some office furniture retailers and suppliers through office hardware. Items will install some basic skills, such as using an electric screwdriver and a tape measure necessary. Consider using an adjustable office chair to work properly with height keyboard tray.


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