Ideas for Install Closet Rod Bracket


Closet rod bracket – Closet rods add a large amount of hanging storage to a closet. Before deciding on a clothes rail, take into account how much weight it will support. Some hollow rods can sag over time when loaded heavily. For larger closets, or longer clothes rail installations, it is important to buy fixed rods instead of the hollow variety sold in most stores. Never install a closet rod only in the sheet rock. The brackets should always be installed in stud to support the weight of the clothes.

Install your top closet rod bracket first. Unscrew the two long 2-inch screws through the bracket into the wall stud. Make sure the bracket is level. Place the second bracket with the first level of no more than 4 meters away from the first bracket. And then make a shelf placed over the top of the brackets will be level and screw the bracket to the wall stud.

Ideas for install closet rod bracket use a stud finder to locate the studs on each side of where the bar will be install. Mark this location. Mark drilling holes for the two end brackets so the holes drilled into the studs. Fix the brackets to the studs with the screws. Cut the rod to size using a saw. Skip this step if the wand is adjustable. Push one end of the rod in the closed circle bracket. snap the other end into the open mount. Place the cover over the open bracket if one was provided.


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