Ikea Pax Wardrobe: Cheap but Look Luxurious


IKEA pax wardrobe – Yes, we are looking at IKEA sideways. Because there ‘s something between annoying and disturbing when you find the same furniture in any house you walk on . And this acrecenta your -of need good handyman who precie. To customize the closet you rode with much love and dedication.

Installed a ikea pax wardrobe wall, integrating with other open shelves. As the overall decor is warm wood tones. It has painted the cabinet with a soft green contrast. While respecting the atmosphere of natural tones. The designer Tommy Smythe has also intervened one PAX wardrobe using moldings and handles style vintage . The use of dark paint it still gives more elegance, making it look this cheap storage unit a whole high – end model.

In Little Green Notebook also they hacked one ikea pax wardrobe with fine gray and molding at the top, which gives a classic touch and sophisticated . Inside it has wall paper , and outside mirrors to give breadth to space and a new feature this single unit. As simple as adding two extremely striking handles , gold and transparent as these that allow you to open one PAX different . Don’t forget to check our gallery to inspire you!


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