Lace Table Runners with Venetian Crochet Flower


Lace table runners – this look with delicate crocheted opened opportunities for people who want to create vintage heirloom lace in the Venetian style. The resulting pieces, whether lace table runners, doilies or clothing pieces that can be passed down through generations. A Venetian crochet flower applique is a nice introduction to the technique that can be sewn on a variety of items.

Instructions to make lace table runners with Venetian crochet flower applique: First, work your foundation chain 11 meshes long. Turn your work and work a single crochet in the second stitch from hook. Work half double crochet, five double crochets and a half double crochet in next stitch. Third, repeat the pattern four times more across, ending with a half double crochet, and fasten the ends together with a slip stitch. Be careful not to twist your work when bringing the ends together. You will have one five petal flower.

Fourth, work three single crochets in the corner created between the petals of the flower. Working a single crochet in each stitch across the curve of the petal. Repeat pattern around and join with a slip stitch. Last, chain seven stitches and connects the chain to the top of the next petal with a single crochet. Work two more single crochets in the same stitch. Chain seven stitches and participate in the corner between the petals with a drop stitch. Repeat pattern around and fix at the end. And the Venetian crochet flower lace table runners were finished.


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