Make an Expandable Dining Table


Expandable dining table – If you love to entertain a large group for dinner, but do not have space to keep a full-length table on the screen all year round, The table can be stored in regular daily use of its smaller size, with 4-to 6-person seating capacity, and then expanded later to give 14 or more people to dine together.

Expandable dining table using expandable tree Supports, Remove wooden dining table top from the legs. This section is a tutorial for tables made of wood alone. Cut wood dining table in half or along the line you have just designed to ensure that it is centered. Use a medium grit sandpaper to remove splinters along the cut. Sand, until smooth. Then stain the edges with a finish to match. Measure the length and width of the piece that would go to the center, which will be added sheet. The length must correspond to the existing pieces, if you create leaves for a square or rectangular table.

You can match the wood with the same type of material or using 3/4-inch thick plywood and bare spots it immediately finish later. Measure the width of expansion in the middle. Cut four pieces of 2 x 4-inch solid wood lumber is based on measurement leaving four inches on each side which overlaps each other. These cuts will be used as timber supports that slide in and out. Creating a tongue and groove by cutting the tree to allow the tree sections to slide into one another by a groove. Add metal tracks and rollers for easy operation. When the table is expanded, the gear slides out to expand, revealing the opening of the table leaf. So, when you tap on the table together again, it glides smoothly through to close. Test expandable dining table and see how it works. You may need to adjust the nuts and bolts for tightness or add more groove to allow for smoother gliding operation.


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