Mount a White Desk with Hutch into a Concrete Wall


White desk with hutch – Linking Items to a concrete wall can be challenging. In contrast to some other surfaces, concrete is substantially closed. Concrete, however, has also the advantage of very stable. A concrete wall can be used to link office furniture. Fixtures such as a bookcase or white desk with hutch can potentially hold heavy books or stationery. Connecting them with a concrete wall creates a stable and secure storage platform.

Mount a white desk with hutch, Attach the wood 1/8 inch bit to drill the drill and tighten the chuck. Drill two holes at the top of the inside of the loft. Two more drill holes to the bottom of the inside with the aid of the same bit. Align the loft with the wall at the desired location. With the aid of the pencil, mark the concrete wall by the previously drilled holes. Move the loft Office of the wall at least 3 feet.

Mount a white desk with hutch into a concrete wall, the drill chuck to loosen and remove the 1/8-inch bit. Coupling the drill 1/4-inch masonry and tighten the chuck. Drill the concrete wall 1 inch deep marks on the four pencils. The four plastic wall plugs insert and press them with the handle of the screwdriver until they are flush with the concrete wall. Move the Office loft back to the concrete wall in the desired location. The four washers to attach the four wood screws. Insert the wood screws into the holes in the loft. With the screwdriver, tighten the screws until snug.


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