Mount Metal Wine Racks Ideas


Metal wine racks – Nothing touches a room and adds style as an attractive wine rack mounted on a wall. And nothing says “oops” when it falls from a wine rack because it was not installed properly. The security of a wine rack in a wall is not difficult, but requires the following number of basic steps in order to ensure that the wine will remain displayed on a wall, and do not end up crashing on the floor.

Measure the distance between the two rack mounting holes. When measuring 16 inches or if the rack is to be mounted on a wooden wall, you should be able to install without the use of anchors. Identify areas where you want to hang the metal wine racks. If the metal wine racks mounting holes spaced 16 inches apart, this will be useful. You can use a stud finder to locate two adjacent studs, which are usually distributed on 16-inch centers. If this is not the case, choose a spot on the wall and to make a mark at the desired height for the first hole.

To direct mount screws into studs or wood walls, drill a hole slightly smaller than the screws or hooks used to hang on the rack. Then install the screws or hooks. For installation in drywall, drill a hole that matches the diameter of the anchor. Most mourner packages will decide to use the drill bit size. The anchor in place, push the rack insert screws or hooks. Hang the metal wine racks on the screws or hooks.


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