Narrow Dresser Decor Ideas


Narrow dresser – Most long dressers with big boxes, usually three on each side. And a large mirror attached to the back, abound at furniture stores. Although these are great to provide a lot of storage space and top of the dresser. The long dressers take up a lot of floor and wall space. Better quality kitchen cabinets will be designed with smaller boxes on top and graduate down with each box gets bigger. The advance wood kitchen cabinets will make of maple, mahogany or cherry wood with average quality kitchen cabinets construct of oak.

In addition, an inexpensive way to create a long narrow dresser may be using an old cabinet or hutch. Or something that has a lot of drawers or cabinets to store clothes. Then, place an old countertop or other material on top. And then, cover with a decorative dresser scarf or strip of material that match other decor. Commonly referred to as an agency, these higher, narrower dressers gives a lot of boxes without taking up much floor space.

Other ideas can include tall cabinets with partial shelves and partial boxes to make your own kind of armoire. An old pantry kitchen cabinet can convert to a custom armoire with clothes stored on the shelves. Then, a new area is convert for holding clothes on hangers.


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