Paint & Clean Wood Picnic Table


Wood Picnic Table – Paint your wooden picnic table could be an annual business. Consider repainting it every summer. You may even want to involve your family in deciding on the color you might want to use. If solid colors will be interesting for you, check online resources on the latest trends on the wooden picnic tables. Going for two or more tones would be a great idea, too. You can even ask your paint supplier for out-of-the-box recommendation.

Set a day to clean your wood picnic table. Use soap and warm water. Scrub it thoroughly. Then allow to air dry. If it has been previously painted scraping peeler. Use a reliable wire brush. You can also check out the rough patches. Sand them off quickly. If you need to smooth a wider section of the table, it would be better to depend on an electric grinder.

Coarse grit sandpaper would remove the stubborn rough spots. So, if all surfaces are already yourself, use a finer grit sandpaper to finish the job. Make sure the ends and edges of your wood picnic table would also carefully sanded. You can choose to clean it again with soap and warm water. When it is completely clean and dry your wood picnic table ready to make-over.


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