Perfect Corner Computer Desk IKEA


Before purchase a corner computer desk IKEA, be sure the sturdy enough to support your monitor or place to do it at a comfortable height. Fortunately, the average 17-inch to 20-inch flat-panel weighs less than 20 pounds. If you found an unused corner that you think will be suitable, check homemade computer desk options that fit a corner and fit flush against the walls in your corner. Both styles will provide work space and support to the monitor.

Create extra storage space around your corner computer desk IKEA using previously wasted areas. A bookshelf or small shelf attached to one side of the desk gives you extra storage space for books and knick-knacks. If your computer room serves double duty as a crafting room, add a series of small books on one side of the desk.

Use hooks to store extra tape, wire and other crafting supplies. Rolling boxes placed under the corner computer desk IKEA gives you extra storage space for books, computer supplies and other items you use frequently. If you build a computer desk yourself, using old milk boxes or filing cabinets, depending on the size and weight of your computer. Top with a sheet of plywood.


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