Simple Diy Closet Systems in Ten Minutes


Diy closet systems – Some Ideas to organize the diy closet and keep it. You will only need a couple of hours, background music and energy to not leave it in half. Take advantage of the season change to apply these organizational tactics to which you will surely benefit. Hanging clothes = more capacity, It occupies less than the folded and does not wrinkle so much. In addition, the bars are cheaper than the tablets and drawers. Take advantage of a high closet with a double bar.

Place t-shirts so that underneath a little of the lower garment, ladder mode, and sorts by colors or separates the smooth from the stamped. Have a hanger inside the diy closet systems door to put the most collars you put and a box with locker for those of sporadic use. Straps in round lockers to prevent deformation. Place in boxes the ones of out of season.

So that the rigid bags do not lose form, save them with papers or with soft bags inside. If you have space, you can plan a zone of lockers to have them handy. Keep what you least use in the upper part of the diy closet systems. Suitcases, better in their covers, blankets, towels (no more than three games!) And clothes out of season. Best in boxes, all the same color, with lavender sachets inside.


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