Stylish Heated Towel Rack


Heated towel rack – Ideal for storing towels and blankets to heat, but also help eliminate odors and prevent mold in the bathrooms. You can enjoy the beautiful feeling of a hot towel as you step out of your bath or cold shower for the installation of your wall or plug-in towel warmer independent itself. The screws and bolts needed are included with the units for easy installation.

Choose a heated towel rack which is corrosion resistant, easy to clean, which coincides with the other fixtures in your bathroom and one that retains heat longer, so it is more profitable. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before starting the installation. Place the four legs of the heated towel rack in the rear of the frame towel heater and ensure all four legs with the supplied screws with a screwdriver. First determine where to place your towel warmer, but note that the heated towel rails should be located at a minimum distance of 36 centimeters bathtubs or showers and near an electrical outlet.

Place a level on the top bar heater towel while holding the towel warmer on the wall. Mark the center point of the leg holes using the template provided. Pre-drilled in the wall with a drill hole and a bit to match the whole size required. Align the heated towel rack on the wall, making sure that the power cord is in the bottom right of the hottest. Placing the legs of the warmer through the holes in the wall.  Plug the end of the power cord into the wall outlet and enjoy your hot towels and blankets.


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