Tidy Elfa Closet System


Elfa closet system – Your clothes deserve good treatment and also keeps longer. Invest in padded or wooden hangers of good quality. Once you have cleared three quarters of the closet, you will be amazed at all you find. And maybe get a little anxiety everywhere you turn you off with. Remind then yourself that you are who you are, not what you own. Soon you will instead feel calm and relief. And be happy all the space you now have in your closet.

You get the most space in the shoe rack for storing shoes with the right and left shoe to the last second. If you have a small elfa closet system that is not deep enough for hangers, so there are actually three good options. You can hang hooks both at the back and sides of the closet where you hang clothes or handbags. You can install the shelves from top to bottom, and use the closet for folded clothes, bags, shoes and set various storage boxes.

Use the inside of the wardrobe doors to the storage. Also to get the feel of a mini walk-in elfa closet system when you open. Match your clothes hangers, set up a mirror, a painting, painting in fun colors, or put up wallpaper. All creative ways brightens up your wardrobe. Stays away from things that collect dust and get your clothes feel tidy.


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