Two Ideas Removing the Under Desk Printer Stand Base Support


Under desk printer stand – As well as many of today’s TV sets, today’s computer monitors can also be mounted on a wall or on a mobile to save some extra space or simply to give your office a new look. For this, you need to remove the monitor stand. They can be fixed in a few different ways, with the most popular methods being screws or plastic clips that attach the stand to the monitor. Either way, the support removal process is easy and can be done by one person in a few minutes.

Removing a bracket under desk printer stand fastened screw less: 1) Turn off your monitor and unplug the power cord from the source and the computer monitor connection cables. 2) Place a towel or soft cloth on a table or other flat, firm surface. 3) Position the monitor on the cloth with the screen facing down. 4) Squeeze the tabs holding the bracket in place together and pull it away from the monitor.

Removing a support that is under desk printer stand with screws: 1) Unplug all cables from the monitor, including the power supply and those that connect the monitor to the computer. 2) Place a towel or soft cloth on a table. 3) Place the monitor face down on the cloth. 4 Use the Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver to loosen the screws on the bottom of the bracket. 5) Pull the base away from the display to remove it.


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