Uncovered Selena Gomez Closet


Selena Gomez closet – Hollywood scandals for wearing inappropriate clothes are well-known, but that is not the case with Selena Gomez. Her stylist has revealed how she chooses the clothes for the artist. Where she buys her and how important it is to dress her according to her age.

Basia Richard is in charge of choosing and combining all the outfits that Selena Gomez wears. The young woman gives concerts, attends events and galas, and always wears perfect styles and appropriate to their age and situation. As for the designers, Richard says he has recently introduced Dolce & Gabbana, and also often choose young designers. But Selena Gomez closet does not need overly expensive clothes to dress well. The girl is a lover of BCBG and Victoria’s Secret, and it would not be rare to find her buying at Target supermarkets.

In addition, Selena loves Marchesa, likes to see what they are designing and gets into Style [dot] com to see photos. As a final touch of her own, Selena resorts to her “fetish accessory”: “the hoop earrings”. And is that despite having a stylist, the actress of ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’ “is going to wear what feels good, no matter what her stylist say, or his mother or friends. That about uncovered Selena Gomez closet.


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