White Distressed Dresser and Nightstand


Distressed dresser – There are many different ways that you can change the look of the furniture you have, or other objects. One way is to do a distressed wood finishing. When you do a distressed wood finishes, you really give yourself the opportunity to have a stunning piece of furniture comes to life before your eyes. Depressing is a way to make something made of wood, or of almost any other material, it looks like an older and older.

It is usually regard as decorative art, because you change how the item looks, to make it more enjoyable for your eyes alone. Also, Finishing distressed dresser which looked at as a finishing technique, because it was something you did that led to the final design of the furniture. Although call the distress end of the timber, it is really the opposite of finishing, because you take a final product that looks new, and doing things to it to make it look older and more depress.

When you distressed dresser, you deliberately made him look older. This may mean that you destroy or manipulate this time finishing on the object, to make it look less than perfect. You can do this with sandpaper, and also with something like paint stripper. Sometimes, you may remove several layers of paint, but not all, so there may still be seen a coat of paint over wood fiber underneath. Once you have pressed the item, you will have a finished product.



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