Wood DIY Closet System


DIY closet system – Wood closet organizers can be as complete systems for large clothes closet. Or small removable drives to store a variety of accessories. Wardrobe designers install custom systems for reach-in or walk-in closet to store all your clothes. And also accessories in a way that fits your lifestyle. Then, set up your own simple closet system helps you to save money. And then, allow you to make changes to your wardrobe at your leisure.

Red mahogany DIY closet system of solid, hard wood, fit 16-inch deluxe red mahogany closet system from John Louis home up to 22 meters shelf space. And up to 16 meters hanging space and several configuration options. A practical alternative to complete wardrobe systems. This product is designed for large reach-in closets. And dressing room with its 16 inches of shelf depths.

Walk-In DIY closet system organizer by solid wood cabinet includes all panels and is modular. So that it can be adjust for maximum space utilization in most areas. This system can fit a closet up to 10 meters wide, but can be extend by adding an optional tower and top shelves. Take advantage of vertical closet space, beginning in the closet rod. Vertical shelving to relax over the bar is cheap. And also keep stacks of fold shirts and sweaters.


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